Izzy's :: Ice Cream the Size of My Head.


So, we have some friends who are ice cream connoisseurs (that alone makes us love them a little too much) and they on our most recent game night, recited to us the top few ice cream joints to go to in the cities.

So, when Ben's parents came in town, I did what every good ice cream lover would do. I planned it into the itinerary to visit the #1 place mentioned.  Izzys.

And there I discovered ice cream the size of my head, and so much deliciousness I was praising Jesus. After Como Zoo with the fam, we hopped on over to Marshall to enjoy Izzy's for dinner. (Yes, for dinner. No shame.) I have two favorite things about this place. 1. They have a wall for any person whose name is 'izzy' They take a polaroid and put them up there. And 2. They give you a little izzy scoop of choice. So that cute little baby scoop you see at the top is fo free. I got a chocolate hazelnut scoop.  It was delicious. Oh, and they put these cute little chocolate malt ball/covered nut ball at the bottom of your cone. Its the little things...

What's funny is We've passed this place a handful of times before, yet never thought to go in. Perhaps its because it was next to a macaroon shop before it closed (Still mournful over you, Sweets Shop.) And we would always go specifically to snatch up some french macaroons. I was glad to have been steered to this place. We will be visiting again (and again and again.)

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  1. Gabe and I are visiting this weekend and I think we're going to have to make this a stop!
    Will you guys be at Hope tomorrow? I think we'll be at the 9am service, hopefully we'll be able to say hi!