::10 Awesome Things This Week ::


10 Awesome Things This Week:

1. Our tires were squeaking for the past 5 months after we got the brakes changed. We went in scared we'd get charged for them to fix it, but they replaced them AND upgraded for free.

2. After much searching we finally found a photobooth in MOA. This is great news for me. So-so news for Ben.

3. We got our new Nexus phones after my trusty old one was shedding its shell and Bens battery kept falling out (after he magically lost the back.) Its nice to have a screen that actually works. Plus, these are like...ahmayzing. Google now, people? Google is taking over the world.

And if anybody that reads this is intending to ever live overseas and are wondering what to do regarding cell phones: This is a good option (in our opinion) You buy the google phone unlocked and get a month to month plan with someone like T-Mobile  stateside. Then when its time to move you're good to go. They work internationally since they're unlocked. There are probably more details to include, but when/if that comes time we'll let you know what we learn.

4. Eowyn is her awesome usual self. She's been gibber gabbering like a crazy girl.

5. Things are getting back to 'normal.' Which is a new normal, but largely reassuring. As Ben always says when people ask "how we're doing:" More joy than sad moments fill our days. We're praising God for that.

6. Our sacred Irish Fest is this weekend in St. Paul. We get all doe-eyed at each other as we reminisce about our honeymoon and eat copious amounts of good food. Who needs the state fair when you can have the best food, music, and random old couples dressed in matching kilts? Plus the cute little ringlet bouncing dancing girls are bomb. Eowyn will be one of those girls some day.

7. I made these energy bites.  I originally saw a variation of these on a friends pinterest page.  They've taken over. We love these little guys. Breakfast. Snack. Dessert.

8. Ben's momma bought me those TOMS up there for my birthday. I wear them everyday. I love them. They match everything. Between those and my saltwaters I'm set for life.

9. I made a switch over to the message version on my bible app this past week. I'm a big fan. The language used is pretty awesome. Sure there's some parts that make me wince a bit regarding wording and meaning- I wouldn't write a theological paper based on its translation-but oh! its been speaking to my heart. I totally recommend it for devotion time.


the end.

I hope your weekend is filled with good things.


  1. I love those Toms! Also, the Civil Wars CD. We listen to it so much, I think Clementine has started to roll her eyes when I put it on in the car.

    1. haha. I'm so with you. In fact, I dont think I've actually gotten through the whole album because I keep playing the same songs over and over. Eowyn's going to start singing the lyrics to "Same old, Same old" before she says my name. :)