Eowyn Meets Snow :: part II


 Eowyn's Great-Grandmother Marge sent over some money several months back in order to get E some winter gear. The timing was incredible. That very weekend there was a huge consignment sale in a SOCCER FIELD just for babies. I was able to get the loot. Like, little lacy dress, pajama suit, columbia snowsuit, gloves, boots, and a coat. All of which were pretty much mint condition. So the pictures you see here are due in full part to Ben's grandma. Eowyn and her mama thanks you.

So, the snow fell, and the girl woke up, so I bundled her up to let her meet snow. She met snow last year, but sort of just stared off into space. This time, she got to experience the fullness of it. Her conclusions? At first skeptical. Then I showed her you could eat it. She loves it. Mostly in her mouth, but its fun to walk in too. These pictures attest to her satisfaction of it.

Happy Snow day! 

and a special thanks to Grandma Marge for making this all happen.

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