Ten on Ten :: December 2013


I'm always surprised at how this little prompt changes my days. I love Rebekah's blog  and her ten on ten is one of my favorite series I've encountered in my days of traveling the blogland. I was pleased to remember the tenth was coming up a few days ago when she made mention of it, and am excited to join again like I did in October. I didn't bring my camera along ( I will next ten on ten) but a lot of good things happened yesterday. Perhaps its the simple act of looking, but there was a lot of joy to be found.

So, this tuesday was spent a large part in doors, with the afternoon out and about. I sent out a few packages of love to Ben's momma, and enjoyed a day staying warm. We had a doctor appointment this afternoon to talk about babies and blood work and what have you, and  after the appointment (which Eowyn did AMAZING AT-praise Jesus) I miraculously ended up at Old Navy (woah, how did that happen?) where I found a pair of skinnies that Ben now calls my 'boyfriend jeans' (because he doesn't realize that boyfriend jeans are loose fitting-when I corrected him, he told me these were infact my boyfriend jeans, because my boyfriend likes them) so all in all-good day indeed. Crafting, chai, a bit of some shopping business, and a goofy girl. I'll call it good.

 Tuesdays tend to be our "dive days" where we find cheap eats in our town to go to dinner to, and this time we went to our trusty hole-in-the-wall Gyro place "Ali Baba's King of Gyro's" (and indeed, Ali Baba, you are king.)

Normally we have a good time noshing on our food and leaving, but this time the owner's family came out and sat while doing some record keeping. Ben and I and his family (wife and daughter- the 4 others not present) talked for a good twenty minutes about life. Real life:  Language learning, moving here from their native land, how to teach kids to be smart (and he kept praising Eowyn for her lack of shyness, to which she delighted to keep talking  to him,) loving your family well. I kid you not, this was perhaps one of the most enjoyable conversations I've ever had at a restaurant. One of those where I'm tempted to find out their address and send them a christmas card. I left an incredible google review instead. I imagine thats a bit less creepy. I still might send good ol ali babas a mug shot of us if we have any extras. A good gyro deserves a Christmas card.

And so it was, a tuesday filled with little bits of goodness. Hop on over to Rebekah's blog to see her ten on ten as well as other's. Happy Wednesday

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  1. A lovely set of photographs. Your anecdote about the "boyfriend jeans" made me smile. I can see how that would be a confusing term for guys. :)