The Red Door Christmas Store :: TODAY & SATURDAY!


Today and Tomorrow from 10am-6pm there's an amazing pop-up shop open in minneapolis! The Red Door! I have the pleasure of both contributing products to it (the cowls on the latter and egg-necklaces you see in the 4th and 5th pictures have been my winter fun) and had the opportunity to take a look today and pick out a few treasures myself! I was so impressed with the amazing quality of products sold here. People, do yourself a favor-make plans to go this weekend. 

And when you come, make sure to grab delicious cider and cookies (courtesy of the Red Door) and pick up some christmas treasure of your own to round out your holiday shopping (or complete it all there!) There's always the option to simply find a few special treasures for yourself. I totally did (I bought a BEAUTIFUL scarf camera strap for my camera. I'm in love with it) Plus surprises for my new nephew who comes in April. 

Cash & credit card are accepted. The cookies are delicious (Eowyn enjoyed mine immensely) and I even had a wonderful woman offer to hold Eowyn while I shopped (How amazing is that!?) True story: E didn't want to come back to me when it was time to go-proof this is indeed a magical place. 

For details, location and more pictures of up and close products visit the Red Store on facebook.

A few of you have asked specifically what I will be selling. Here's what will be there made by the Sprague household (because Ben did in fact help quite a bit:)

If you go tomorrow, you'll see me there in the afternoon. Yes, I'm pacing my shopping self.

Happy Shopping!

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