Seasonal Blues vs. Jesus


This season.

I feel like I begin every blog post with that. "This season." 


This season has seen a lot of surprise joys. I was dreading the winter, my friends. Like deep, deep dread. Stay-at-home mom with only two windows that get light and that minnesota grey that sets in for a full 6 months. Boo. With happy light in tow, and more IKEA lamps in the house I reasoned it would be a bit better-even with the blues that always creep-than how it normally is, but I was still terrified.

It sounds kind of weird seeing as all this blog is is me gushing over Jesus, but I never thought to actually give over this bit of my life-this fear of the winter and dark and inevitable gloom that would set in my heart several months. But one day, while reading through all sorts of bits and giving over even more to Him, I felt him tug on this area. I realized then I hadn't once really given this sad stuff  over, so thats what I did. I talked through the seasonal depression and anxiety and cabin fever that I have faced since college, and all the things I hate about it and gave it all over to him. 

Thats what I keep doing. As I see the haze creep up (which continues to be regularly), I find myself hiding away and praying and hiding away and drinking copious amounts of chai and reading solid theological books that are from moms, and wise women, and just good people.  All of these little things have been adding up. When I talked to Ben about it recently he commented, "This is the best you've ever been this time of the year." 

Thats a big deal folks. And it made me tear up happy joy tears because I agree with him. This is the best I've ever been. Isn't that such a God thing ? The time when I'm worse, I give it over to the Big guy, and he makes it the best I've ever been. I feel like when all of the heavy is weighing on me I'm more able to be active then before. go, sit in front of your light, rest and read some truth, or sometimes its even clean the kitchen, get out of the house.  I think a lot of this is holy spirit prompting (because I'm stubborn and fight with the reality that I even need to sit in front of a 'happy light'.) and the results are praise-worthy. So thats what I'm doing.

In other news, its dumping snow and my baby is asleep and I ran out of chai (mourn for me.) So, my motivation has depleted. Thus, its blog time. Fun time.

I haven't been on the blog too often nor have I been reading to many. I noticed these past few months I have a tendency to social media dump than get quiet again. Its been healthy for me to keep away a bit in that its given me time to consume so much reading. (More on that soon.) And now I have a whole slew of favorite books that have forever changed me. But, I'm starting to miss the creative joy I get from the blogland, so its good to be back.

All that to say, look out for the next couple of weeks because there's a handful of posts scheduled. Recapping Thanksgiving, a pop-up-shop in Minneapolis I hope to see you at,  Ah-May-Zing Book reads, and lots of pictures of my babies face. Maybe even some outtakes of our crabby baby christmas pictures fails. If you should be so lucky (which you are.)

Happy Snow Day!

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