Weekend Celebrations :: Thanksgiving 2013


We were pretty excited about getting to spend Thanksgiving with my side of our extended family this season, but on tuesday we got the start of the flu and it lasted well into thursday. Luckily, come friday we woke up nice and ready to go out the great state of wiscoland.

We got to spend the afternoon of Friday through Sunday enjoying my parents and while the visit was shorter than we liked (and missing a few important mentionables), we got a lot of quality out of that time.  Eowyn was showin off this weekend, so it was fun to capture a few of the bursts silliness and her faces.

My parents let us go on a date night to watch a movie at a local theatre, which was a blast. Free date night-praise you Jesus. All of you mamas that live close to your momas. One word for you: blessed.

There's just something about having your mom near by. Luckily, we got the small pleasure of enjoying them and their deep love for us and our girl for the weekend and left, as always filled.

Right before we left, we got some quick shots for our christmas cards. This is just one of the ones that  we took for fun. But, I love it. 

Hope your thanksgiving was filled. Ours certainly was.

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