Eowyn's First Snow



As all the rest of Minnesota knows, we got the royal downpour of fluffy white goodness today. So, we did what every good Minnesota parent does-introduced Eowyn to the awesome white stuff . While Ben and I sort of have a love hate relationship with it (we got stuck in the driveway just trying to get to our garage this morning...and near turned around a few times rather than go to church this morning), perhaps, being born here she'll always have a fondness for it. Lets hope so. My anticipation for wonderment and glee wasn't exactly what I got from her this time. She was more confused as to why we would bundle her up right before nap time and take her into cold weather with wet stuff hitting her face. She did look cute however all bundled up and I think she liked sucking on her gloves. Eowyn has successfully been introduced and we have officially turned the heat up in this humble little abode.. 

In addition, as you may have noticed Ben and I have an official domain name for this blog: celebratingdaily.com. We've talked of getting one for over a year now, and figured with all the Christmas merriment, we'd go for it. Ben came up with the tag line during blog design, and I love it. Plus, having a domain name that basically symbolizes what we're about gives me all sorts of happy feelings. Happy Sunday and Stay Warm!

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