Dear Eowyn


To my dearest first child on your 5 month birthday,

Every morning, my alarm goes off. I roll out of bed, hair disheveled, groggy, not quite awake. I walk into your room to find that you are already awake and probably have been for 30 minutes. But you are patient. You're mom works with you on patience every day. What I find is a content and quiet little baby girl, ready for the day, happy and smiling. I kneel down, smile back at you and start to thank God for blessing me with a beautiful daughter. I pray that you would get caught in all that you do, good and bad. I pray that we would celebrate your successes and learn from you failures. I pray that this day would be a day of discovery and learning, and that you would continue to grow and be healthy and strong. I pray for your laughter. I pray that God would protect your heart for the rest of your life and would reveal himself to you when the time is right. I pray over your future husband as well, whether born yet or not, and ask that God would lead him to Himself and to you in His perfect timing.

I love you, Eowyn. You have been a joy to be the father of. I look forward to the day you run around and wear me out, as I take on the roll of tickle-monster and horsey. I'm excited to discover your giftings with you and point you on a path to achieve. You are my love, third only to Christ and mommy. Continue to grow in love, faith, and truth.


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