{the most wonderful time}


Christmas with babies? Magic all over the place.

Eowyn staring at the lights (Look at her mouth open! :) ) I got to see one of my dearest friends ever today. I sit in my car and marvel at how good God is at making that girl every time we see each other.  It's snowing outside. We ordered pizza. Talking with Ben through what I'm learning about myself. Remembering to not take ourselves too seriously. Ben, giving me room to amend my previous notions, helping me figure out what it means to follow Jesus with my heart and mind then my actions. Stretching my understanding. Laughing. Talking about the chance of me getting a nose ring (maybe when I'm 30, he says.) Concluding how freaking awesome our kid is, discussing future babies and if we get no more for whatever reason we're okay. Remembering what it was like when we first got married. The difference between twitter-pated, and what we got today. Joking. Flirting. Video Gaming. Blogging. Resting.

 These are the best kind of days and the best kind of nights.

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