The Day After Christmas...



Last night we ordered some pizza, settled in after E went to sleep and watched Elf (my favorite.) We talked for a while, and around 11:00 went to bed.

This morning will be spent going through Christmas pictures, the piles of laundry that are clean, yet not folded, wrapping up last minute treasures for the fam, while listening to She & Him radio station on Pandora, and sipping salted caramel chai from Trader Joes. My kind of morning.

I'm giddy with excitement at getting to go home soon to see that family of mine. I haven't seen them since October, so it will be especially good. Looking forward to the way Eowyn reacts to seeing her cousins and getting to see her with my mom and dad.

Some fun memories from this Christmas to remember: Eowyn giving us the present of legitimately starting to laugh with ease (she always did a chuckle sort of thing, before,) Ben catching a plate on fire in the microwave, Ben who "isn't that big of a fan of Elf" losing it on a couple of scenes (I'll be winning him over yet!) Eowyn eating banana moosh and loving it, going through the big chest of toys that Bre gave us several months back and seeing Eowyn (and Ben) have a good time, and resting with this sweet family of mine.

So. Full. So blessed.

Hope your Christmas time was spent full of joy.

P.S. For my readers that often read via Facebook, I'm moving away from that a bit. While I do plan on doing so with some frequency, it will not include every post. If you'd like to follow along, I'd welcome you to subscribe via email or other means. Just wanted to give you all a heads up! Happy Almost New Year!

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