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When I feel like organizing, but don't feel particularly motivated, I go through my camera and delete pictures I've already posted on the internets. Sometimes, much to my surprise, I forget a certain day and rediscover it all over again. These little pictures were that surprise today. Remembering this was a special treat for today. Eowyn was fascinated by his beard and just kept staring at him. They shared several minutes just looking at each other  her reaching up touching his face. It was perfect. 

Not only is that husband of mine gorg-e-ous. His love for our girl, the man he's become since attaching 'dad' to his person-hood, and his love on this momma are all something I am moved by daily. He reminds me of how good we have it. In the chaos of everything that comes with being a parent and having a cr-a-zy- job he makes this ride actually pretty awesome, and he affirms me in the best kind of ways.

this weeks favorite affirmation: "Babe, you make a good porkchop."

Ben, you're the best kind of husband. and the best kind of dad. Given the choice, with all I now know I'd pick you.

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