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A lot of semi-chaos has plopped on the Sprague house the past couple of days. So much so that we've been playing halo and jokingly (kind of) delighting in shooting at people nearly every night. I'm not too much of a video game girl, but snipe-ing some fellow gamers in good fun is a bit cathartic after many a stressful conversation.  So, while the swirl of 1st world problems (Cuz really, that's what they are) surround me, I figured I'd make a happy list to remind myself, Girl, you got it good.

1. I accidentally shipped our packages to Colorado. Like...all of my family's christmas presents. We couldn't really afford to replace them, so I was trying desperately to work with UPS, Fedex, and the receptionist to get them resent to us. It ended up impossible. As in the UPS guy called and said he refused (Why?!?! No idea, something about fedex labeling and the like....really it was probably him being tired of the crazy christmas present ladies trying to get their stuff.) So, in defeat, I called amazon to let them know that they hopefully should be getting all their presents back. Then you know what happened!?! The most beautiful woman I've ever met over the phone told me "Well, its normally policy to have to wait till we get the shipment, but I'm gonna go ahead and override that and RESEND all of your packages now so you can get them intime." I asked her if she was serious. She said yes. I told her she was amazing. She laughed and said merry christmas. I cried a little.

2. This face:
and how much I love that she's in our life.

3. Its cold outside. We have heat in this house.

4. We've been watching the Cosby show all week and getting parenting tips. Ben jokes about the handful of kids we'll Lord willing, be raising and its fun to see him talk about it and to see how excited he is about it all. There's also a lot of peace that comes with seeing him joke about it.

5.Small Group. We have some of the best friends everrrrrr.

6. Speaking of friends, I've been overwhelmed by them lately. I prayed for this for so long. God is so faithful.

7. This whole week I've been processing through this past year and looking forward to this upcoming one. This is the year we'll celebrate 3 years, possibly move to a new state, potentially grow another baby, and more. To even look into this past year (which a fun little review post will be coming soon!) has me filled with thankfulness at all God has done.

8. I'm so excited to see my family. My momma. My sister. Everyone. So excited to see how Eowyn will react to the boys. I can't wait.

9. This body. God has been really showing me the purpose of this shell that holds my soul and has been giving me a lot of clarity on what desires really are, what we are supposed to do with them, and how beautiful it is that we can experience him tangibly. Thankful for this body and for God's genius.

10. Salvation. I've been reminded often these past few months where I would be without Jesus. Its often left me feeling raw, saddened and thankful all at the same time. Yet, its causing a humility to enter my heart as I realize just how little my condition has to do with me, and how much it has to do with Him. For that I'm thankful.

Happy Happy Happy.

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