When we first got word that we were moving to Colorado, I asked Ben what he thought it would do for us. The main theme we kept going back to was our marriage and that it would get better. We weren't sure quite how, but we both agreed that this would be good. I'd say we were right. The time there solidified parts of our friendship that I didn't know even existed. There was a deeper trust, a deeper honesty and a deeper joy that we moved back home with. Getting to come home has been all sorts of good (and honestly, all sorts of hard.) I was kind of worried that whole 'you and me' mentality we had in Colorado might change since we were now surrounded by all our near and dears, but I'm finding that when little E goes to sleep, we get to be that you and me again. We got goofy last night. Eating gelato from target (Oh. my. goodness. has anyone else tried that stuff? Incredible.) Playing wee bits of halo (random fact: I snipe like no ones business-or at least Ben reassures me that " Go up to that tower so no one can shoot you-you're a great sniper") and just being together. It filled my heart. 

These past few weeks have been up and down emotionally for me (read: kinda messy) as I process through the move, what I'm reading and the way my relationships and my surroundings affect me. Through it Ben has proven even more a confidant, leader, truth-speaker and  friend. I had previously shared some fairly deep friendships, even with some guy pals in high school and college-and I worried when we first got married if our friendship would be unparalleled. Yesterday, as I was looking at that good-looking bearded man, I was reminded of this early-marriage worry. Oh Boy, dear 20 year old Brittany, Nothing comes even close to what you got going on now. Praise the Lord.  Cheers to marriage-the best friendship builder ever, Jesus who gets all the glory for making Ben and Brittany become "Ben and Brittany" and to having someone know my heart so deep it makes me all warm and comfy and electric at the same time.

Hey Ben, We got a good thing.

The funny thing with these photos is that Ben was pulling stunts a year and half ago too.  It seems to me he has a particular fondness to trying to lick me in photos. Weird? Yes. Not sure about that cute little habit.

We may be taking these every year just for kicks. I get excited thinking about a goofy Eowyn pulling stunts like this guy.


  1. At our wedding everyone (all the men) started cheering, "lick her face! Lick her face!" What's up with that?!?! Kinda strange. But my nephew does it too, and he calls it "Elias kisses". Perhaps it's a boy thing?
    I think you've inspired me to try and play video games with Gabe, besides Donkey Kong. He would probably like it, huh?
    Happy that you and Ben had such a great experience!

  2. Brandy TOO FUNNY! it must be a guy thing. I'm not very good at video games, but you can tell Ben gets a kick out of me trying. Its sharing something he gets excited about, so its fun.