Friday Morning



After Eowyn got done with her sickness, it seemed like a whole extra level of goofiness came out of that child. She's been shrills and giggles and sass and all sorts of wonderful this past week. We're tweeking her routine a bit to figure out how much sleep and play she needs, and this morning was one of the first times in a week she slept till 7:30. So, a much rested mama and a much rested baby had a good time goofing off before it was time for her morning nap.

She'll be 7 months next week. 7 MONTHS! No, I can't believe. Yes, you're right it does go too fast.
But, it feels good to say that it doesn't seem like its whizzing by so fast that we're missing moments. Time is time, and luckily the days are long. So even though we sometimes set the timer for when we get to put her down for bed at night (like last night) we also are celebrating that goofy girl that shoots everyone smiles and does a special shriek for her dad.

This morning I had one of my closest friends come over, but before that all this happened. I'm thankful for silly friday mornings.

 And while I will be the first to tell you of the sweetness that is our daughter. I will also tell you about the hints of sass we are already getting to see. Case in Point: The bottom left of this picture!

 Get ready, Ben. Get Ready.

 This baby gets dedicated this weekend! About time we got her saved....Just joking, just joking. We are excited though. We get to see our parents and my sister and one of her babes. We're definitely pumped.
Happy weekend, everybody.

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