Seven Months!


Dear Eowyn,

On your seven month birthday, here are seven things to remember about your seven month self.

1. You are graceful. When you stand up straight in the palm of my hand, I see such a strong child. It's hard to believe you're only seven months old.

2. You are quick to laugh. Why the word "cash" makes you giggle so much is beyond me, but I'll need to watch that when you get older, so that not all of my "cash" makes it into your hand. :)

3. You love fuzzy stuff. It doesn't matter what it is. As long as it's soft and fuzzy, you go for it.

4. You eat! I don't understand how you eat so much and yet you are still so little! You also LOVE pizza. Gnawing on the crust is one of your favorite past times. You love it so much in fact, that as soon as we are done eating, you cry for more!

5. You are entranced by music. I hold you at church, and you love to just stare at the worship team. I'm excited to see what instruments you'll play and watch you and even play with you on the worship team.

6. You are so smart! We have this exercise/activity saucer that you've been playing in for about 2 months now. Without me or your mom showing you, you know how to play with all of the toys on it. It's fun watching you figure things out.

7. You just want to be included. Every time your mom and I set you down to eat dinner ourselves, you cry and cry and cry. You just want to be part of the action! One of my favorite parts of the week is Saturday mornings. After you're done eating breakfast, you come and play with us in our bed. It's so fun to see you bright-eyed in the morning, discovering new things.

I love you, Eowyn. You are my favorite first daughter and I pray that you continue to grow and be a light to all those around you. 

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