Eowyn is SEVEN months old. Ben & I certainly can't believe it. Its a happy feeling when looking back on our life and both concluding that becoming parents has simply made life even better. Sleep deprived. Emotionally exhausted. But better. We laugh more too. 

The more I get to meet this little girls personality, the more  I become aware that this little girl is a willful, fiery little thing. We have a lot of hunches. and one of those is that Eowyn will want to be a part of everything, as she is now-and that she'll be a girl to speak her little mind. 

We've continually prayed she'll be a speaker of truth. That she'll stand up for what's right. When all those prayers were lifted up, back when she was in my belly, I don't think I understood what it meant to ask for such a strong warrior for Jesus. My grandma once told me that she prayed that all her children would grow to serve the Lord. But for her grandchildren, she got a little bolder and prayed we'd be 'warriors' for the Lord. When we found out we were having E, I couldn't have prayed anything less. To now see this spitfire-child, full of joy and determination; it gets me excited for what I know will be us marveling at and molding the beautiful creation that is this girl.  

Here are some stories from the past month:

We were talking about finances one night this week and I jokingly started saying the word "Cash" over-pronounced. "Give me some Cash!" "All In CASH" silly phrases like that (because hey, its the monthly finance meeting and ridiculousness helps.) Eowyn SHRIEKED  at me the first time I said it and thought it was HILARIOUS. Which surprised us. So, we obviously kept saying it. It soon turned into us forgetting about finances and saying "Ka-Ka-Ka-CASH" repeatedly. Her shrieks filled the house. We did it ALL night long to the point where she was half-laughing, half-crying. Boy did we laugh at her reaction. The following day we tried it again-and guess what? Not even a smile. But we got the whole thing recorded. Its those silly surprises that make this parenting thing a riot

 My mom has always called me her "little world changer." Its stuck with me and in a lot of ways I think its a God-thing in the way that it has encouraged me several times through my life. The other day as I was driving I was asking God what he would call Eowyn...kind of like my name my mom dubs me. RIGHT at that moment (I kid you not) a giant pick up truck pulled in front of me and cut me off. I immediately noticed the license:


 Say what?! Coincidence?!?!  I think not! I had a good laugh-out-loud  (if only you knew how fitting it was...) and told Ben about it once I got home. We've called her that ever since. Thanks Jesus.

Eowyn means business about a lot of things. One of which is Pain-Tolerance. The kid is Steel. Diaper rashes? Not a tear. Shots? A little shriek then done. Fall on her face? Just slides that mug to the side and calls it a day. She may not always be that way, and she definitely has her cry fests over other things (like being impatient about eating, walking even 4 steps away from her, etc.) But we are pretty impressed with this kid.

Gotta say, we're loving this stage.

These post might seem like overkill (THREE posts each month?!) Yes.  Why? Because we like to celebrate.

And especially 'cuz we like her.

Love you, baby-thunder.

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