DIY: Making Your Own Instagram Prints


The main reason I wanted an iphone for several months was because of Instagram, once it came to android, I was thrilled. Its instagram I have to thank for the thorough documentation of the little moments of our life (including some of our first pictures of our baby girl.) I have been wanting to print off these photos for some time. So I downloaded the apps to print off instagram photos but soon discovered they were just too expensive to me (especially when I often get free photos via coupons and the like.) When I found this link on pinterest, I was thrilled. Ashley of Lil Blue Boo walks you through how to edit your photos to prepare them to be printed.

While her instructions recommended ordering them at Costco (which I would recommend if you have a membership.) We do not. So with a little tweeking, I was able to print them off another sites. Here's a few helpful tips (like how to get access to your instagram photos in the first place) and some helpful suggestions below,  in case a few of you run into similar problems that I did. 

Here's the full process of how I got my instagram photos into my hands.

1. I had to get to my instagram photos. First, I took them off my phone via USB, but for some reason couldn't find half of them. So, after some research, I found Instaport that logs into your instagram account and lets you download all the images to your computer via a zip file. Win. After download, unzip the file into a folder and you'll have complete access to all your images.

2. After, I used photoshop, as Ashley's instructions recommend. I opened the pictures I wanted to print and began the process of turning them into 4X6's (step 3 of Ashleys instructions: changing canvas size.) She recommends doing a ratio of 2 to 3 and has a graph to show you approximate pixel changes. All of my photos were different sizes in pixels, so to make it quicker and easier I changed my sizing using percentages rather than pixels. I made  the width be 150% and left the height the same at 100%

3. Then I did a handy trick I learned from my few years of photoshop exploration and created an action then batch edited all the images. Rather than writing such a tutorial, I'll point you to these two. How to Create an Action & How to Batch Edit.

4.  I used the same action+batch  to then save all the images to a folder, and later uploaded them to my photo printing site of choice for about 7 cents each (much better than the .40 I found through instagram printing sites..

Once I got the images the afternoon, I was so excited. I knew I would have to cut all of the black off the images, but it surprisingly didn't take too long. Maybe an hour and half of multitasking or in mom-speak, a little over a nap time.

These photos explain some pretty common sense instructions, but were a fun thing to do while watching the Superbowl.

 Here's instructions on what to do after you get those pretties into your hands.

I used a scrapbooking tool I had to slice all the blacks off my images. I was able to cut three at a time which cut the time significantly ( I ordered 275 images. ) Next, I went ahead and picked a few of my favorites for the wall above our bed. Here are the results:

I decided on a 6 X 7 wall and used 3 finger spacing (just put my fingers in between each image) and some wall putty to avoid holes. It took just a few minutes and I'm already loving the results. Ben did the same thing to all his CD's back in college. We laughed since it reminded us both of our college days. But, those were good days and this wall reminds me of some of our favorite adventures (Hawaii, Baby being Born, Colorado, Fun Walks, & other Special Moments.) I smile every time I see it.

Happy Printing!

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