Watching: Funny Gangnam style videos on the youtubes. We had a fun conversation with friends of ours on it about a week ago, and the end homework assignment was to officially watch Psy doing it. This led to us practicing in our living room. Funny thing is, Ben had this dance move with a slight moderation already down. He basically just needed to add a two thump foot step. On our honeymoon he at random busted out said dance move. It was at that moment I knew my husband was the best thing I had ever found. 

Oh, and this funny:

Listening to:  Baby Coughs (boo) and this old love  on repeat 

Thinking about: this article and how much it resonates with some of the things we're discovering ourselves in marriage.

Looking forward to: The weekend. Baby dedication in a week and seeing mi familia. Finding out what the next year holds for us. The fun new series coming up for the upcoming month! Woo!

Reading: Galatians, Ephesians. Every time I read those bad boys I get excited about being a believer all over again.

Making Me Happy: The ridiculousness that has been happening in this house after Eowyn goes to sleep. I think we've both reached that point of being so tired, it leads to hilarity. The past few nights we've stayed up and goofed off and my lungs have been a wee bit achey when going to bed from laughing. Despite knowing we most likely will be hearing baby coughs all night-so we should go to bed early-the silly conversations have been more life giving than the few hours of sleep would be. that and chocolate gelato. always and forever.

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