Christmas at Home


the 4 hour drive home. The dog barking the minute we open the door. The special cookies my mom has every Christmas just for me. The sweet creativity my family puts into gift-giving. Christmas dinner. Funny stories of our childhood. Snow. Movie watching. Siting in the Kitchen talking to my mom. Sharing hopes and dreams. "Taking the initiative" Being a pastors daughter again. Seeing the faces I saw every Sunday of my childhood. Hugs from Carol.

These are the things i get excited about every time I come home this time of year. This trip, we had even more. Silly moments with Eowyn. Eowyn finding my mom HILARIOUS and seeing a special bond they immediately shared-P.S. Mom, I still can't get her to laugh like you did. Seeing my mom through new eyes as she talks about raising Daughters. Hearing my dad joke that he's the only one in the room that knows how to raise girls. Getting to share Eowyn with my family-getting to share my family with Eowyn.

I sat in my living room often and just watched outside this past week. I've lived in that house for over 10 years, in that town since I was 7. It'll forever be my hometown. I have memories on practically very block and there's a sweet feeling of being back in my old room, now with the husband I always prayed for (who turned out far better than my requests) and a sweet baby in my arms

such a wonderful Christmas and new year.

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