Half a Year



We have a half year old. Despite the fact that we can't keep a fish alive, we've got a happy thriving spraguelet. We kept her alive for half a year! We jest. But really, she's kind of the best thing ever.

She's growing. I'm starting to forget what a newborn baby looks like. I've reached that point when I look at the little newborn clothes and think "No, she couldn't have been THAT small." But she was. And now she's not. 

But now she's laughing and smiling and even making winter not-so bad. She's making days when we're sick feel not so gloomy with her crazy noises and excitement. Life is quite simply better since she came around.

"Children are a blessing from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. "
Pslams 127:3

I keep being reminded of this. So many times while I'm checking out at a grocery store, people will ask about her. I've found that if I say positive things about what a joy she is, how good of a girl she is, how smiley etc. , I often am given a "Just you wait!" reply. "Wait till she's a teenager! Wait till she turns 10! Enjoy her while she's this little!" If I comment about how she was a reflux baby, how she goes a little crazy when she's overtired, or how she loves to be held often sometimes making it hard to get anything done, I am encouraged by others about how it gets easier, how they get more fun, the sweet relationship I'm building with her!,  and how their personalities really start blooming in just a few more months. 

Its in those moments I've been reminded of this verse. Eowyn is a blessing, a reward. Period. Not only when she's pulling an All-star performance  but when she's needy and fussy and having bad days. She's a blessing, a reward. I'll see her no other way, even in future days, or during her crazy impending teen angst. She's a blessing, a  beautiful, sweet reward.

I'm so thankful for you, little girl. For your sassy personality, that I suspect will give you the strength you need in serving Jesus. For your love to be included ALWAYS, which will serve you in bringing people into community with you. And for your light-up-our-life face. You are a remarkable work of art, and seeing you grow is breathtakingly beautiful.


Happy 6 whole months Eowyn.

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