Happy Birthday Katie K!


I've always been a gal with a small handful of friends. God has been good to me in that each stage of life, that handful seems to bless my heart in deeper ways. These past few years I have been exceptionally blessed to have one particular girl in my life named Katie.

Katie and I met in LDI, and we've been friends since. She still works at Hope, and is a professional photographer as well. Here's a link to her site.  I told Ben shortly after meeting her that I had met a girl who "had all the same hobbies, but was 10 times better at them." To be honest, it was a little intimidating. That is, until I got a glimpse at this woman's heart. My intimidation quickly turned to a minor girl crush and has since developed into a major appreciation for this sweet soul. I'm pretty sure every woman that knows Katie could easily launch into a 30-100 minute conversation of how incredible she is. This is not flattery. She really is just that much of a gem.

And this special gem who I feel quite blessed to have found, has a birthday today! And so, I'm going to take this opportunity to celebrate her here.

I contemplated the best way to go about this, and I figured I'd go ahead and make a list because she is a girl after my own heart. We both are the responsibility/discipline type who love our lists. And so, here is a list of some of the things I treasure most about this woman. You are so loved Katie K.

1. She's a relationship builder. I've become a better friend simply from observing Katie. I would often share awkward situations I had with other people with her, and she has often replied-"Maybe you should talk with them, just to make sure things are good." She wouldn't affirm I was right, she would push me to make things right. Talk about a good woman. It was her encouragement that taught me how to a)keep issues between me and the other person and b) be proactive to guard my friendships. She encouraged me to clear up misunderstandings-something I had always been very hesitant to do. She teaches me how to nurture and forgive.

2. She's present. At one point in time, Katie told me (in a much more poetic way) something along the lines of  "People might not remember what you say, but they do remember if you were there." She has taught me the value of showing up. She's a friend among friends because she's proved time and time again that she'll be there. I'd say she's one of the most reliable people I've met. Katie uses actions-and not just words. When times get difficult, she's there.

3. She sets a higher standard. Katie listens. She calls back. She encourages. She affirms. She challenges. I think my understanding of 'gospel friend' went on steroids the minute I really got to know Katie. She treats her relationships seriously, and knowing that, made me feel  so significant since she counted me as one of them. Her attitude towards friendships have made me try harder in my own simply because I've tasted how good it is to be on the receiving end of such good friendship.

4. She's a beauty. She has a great bod (she'd probably be a wee bit embarrassed at me sharing that. but PRAISE THE LORD. its true.) has stunning eyes, and has an AWESOME laugh. And that smile! But she also is so desirable internally. I catch glimpses of the reason God looked at his creation and called it good when seeing Katie.  Refreshingly beautiful.

5. She's a do-er. One thing that has always impressed me about Katie is her relentless pursuit to excel. For most of us, pinterest is a major time suck, and it often times ends there. Not for Katie. She's a do-er and has used it as a platform to create more. She sees, she likes, and she does. She was doing pinteresty things way before pinterest ever came out. I get inspired being in a room near her. My personal Martha Stewart.

6. She's the best kind of teacher. There are those that have a lot of information and insight, and teach you in a way that constantly remind you that they are the ones teaching and you are the one learning. And then there are those that build you up along with them. Katie is the kind of teacher that takes you along with her. She has taught me a number of different things and is someone I delight to go to in order to learn. She's a gracious, humble leader. She enables you to create and be on your own, yet remains available. So good.

7. She's a truth speaker. I catch it every time I'm near her. When gals jokingly make fun of their bodies or other aspects of themselves-she corrects them. Makes them take it back. She enforces their value. She speaks truth to the core of who we are in conversations. She reiterates Jesus and Grace and reassures and affirms.  I love this. She has won my respect and admiration in so many ways, and this is one of my favorite. She cares too much about people to let them believe lies. She has such a genuine heart and simply being around her affirms me in some of the deepest ways.

8. She's an includer. Katie is incredibly aware of her surroundings and of peoples hearts. She is an includer. I've seen her heart ache for other people and her intentionality in welcoming them into her circle always impresses me. Just go to one of her parties! You'll be amazed and wonder how this woman knows so many people! She invites them in and she cares so well for others.

9. She's a prayer warrior. Oh how this woman prays! I love how much she takes care of others by coming before Jesus with them in mind. It's moving, the way she loves the people in her life and how often she goes before the God she serves with the ones she loves. She's trustworthy with deep prayers and has taught me so much about how deeply someone can care. Not to mention the countless times she would tell me about her praying over my baby girl when she was still in my belly. So much peace came from those reminders. And now that little girl LOVES her auntie Katie.

10. She's a giver. In all my life, I've never met someone who gives like Katie. Her time, her resources, her presence, all of who she is is poured out frequently for others with joy. I have been humbled so many times by seeing her and the way she gives. How she delights in thinking of others and coming up with clever ways to show it. Or how mindful she is of parents who need a break and offers-no insists!- on giving them rest. There are those that offer a hand, and those who's hand is practically THERE before one can ask for it. I've learned the difference from saying "Let me know if you need anything, " to "I'm here-tell me how I can help." Katie is the latter. I love her so much for that. Katie, you are such a blessing.

11. She is a joy. Oh how I laugh with this girl. She's just fun. She gives her laughter often and sincerely. If I want to just be-she's one of my first picks. Boy do I laugh. I love that about her. She's such a delightful friend.

Katie, You truly are one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. I'm so blessed to call you friend.   Ben and I, and Eowyn (!) rave about you pretty much any time your name comes up. You are a remarkable beauty. God did good.

Happy Birthday! May this year be filled with so many answered prayers.

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