2013 v.1



I've thought often about what I wanted for my new years goals, and while I usually have quite the list by now, its a week in and I've found myself too caught in the joys of living to sit down and really think about what I'd like to accomplish. I did take some time to pray about it, and while I'd love to see certain changes, and I've contemplated the usual goals, I want something different this year.  I want this year to be marked with grace and gratitude. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to start a series of weekly to semi-weekly posts with that theme in mind. If anything, it gives me a weekly reminder to praise Jesus for how good He is. 

Who better than to post about first, than the ones that have taught me so much about grace!


What I love about grace it is spits in the face of performance. In order to need grace-something has to be lacking. Its unmerited favor. Unmerited. While I often convince myself I don't want or need such a thing-that's EXACTLY what I want and need. How many times have both of these two taught me and extended that sort of grace? Countless times.  God has used these two perhaps the most to demonstrate grace to my heart. These relationships have also allowed me to practice giving it. Which has left me changed. 

So thankful for this guy and that girl. 

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