Dear Eowyn


Happy 6 month birthday! You are getting so big now and so fun. You've just started pursing your lips together and blowing out, making a funny noise. I do it to you often and you smile and will sometimes do it back. I love that game. We've recently moved you to your crib. You look so little in it, but then I remember how you looked when we first brought you from the hospital and can't believe how much you've grown. Soon, you'll be too big to hold in my arms and snuggle. I'm excited and terrified for that day. You're eating solid food now too, which is an adventure all in itself. You don't quite know how to eat from the spoon yet, but we're working it out.

I pray that you continue to grow into a beautiful little girl. I pray that you would grow to be smart and witty, so you know how to stand up against those who would put others down. I pray that God develops a kind heart in you and that you always stick with your dreams. I pray that God would reveal the plan He has for you to your mom and me so that we would be able to guide you to His goals.

You have always and will always have a special place in my heart as my first daughter. I pray that I would be the kind of father that let's you fall but not get hurt, rise but not grow conceited, run to each of your goals but keep you still long enough to celebrate each one.

Happy 6 months, Eowyn!
I love you,

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