watching: Once Upon a Time and Community Re-runs. If you ever ask me to pick out a movie, you should bet money on it that it will be one of the most horrible movies you've ever seen. To date. T.V. shows? I'm awesome. Well, atleast to Ben. I discover the t.v. shows and Ben is the one that gets us into them. We discovered Community several months ago, and have been going through the reruns now. These past weeks we've been quoting Troy and Abed incessantly and talking all about the character development of Once Upon a Time. I feel like such a classy t.v. show critic with Ben.

looking forward to: This weekend, This whole MONTH. I got a calendar in the mail today filled with pictures of our baby's face. Then, I filled it with all the google calendar happenings and was excited to see all the little get togethers with other moms, and the adventures we have planed for this month. I've already quite enjoyed myself by getting to see three of my favorite loves. This year is shaping up. 

listening to: The new Fly Leaf CD. The last really spoke to my heart in a deep way and Ben and I have really been loving this new one. We play it while Eowyn's awake, because its a little loud and crazy at parts. But its beautiful and speaks to my heart. 

learning: the value of being the first to extend grace. How freeing it is to not be easily offended and discovering even more awesomeness to be found in the man I committed my life to.

drinking: dr. pepper. This is one of the first years I didn't swear caffeine of my list of NY resolutions. and Praise the Lord. So much freedom in not creating a bunch of random restrictive resolutions this year. 

excited about: 1) the delight I'm finding in that trusty old treadmill at our apartment complex. Every year, I make a resolution to run in the winter. And never do. I'm a summer girl, and you often will find me roaming the streets in my kicks on a summer evening, but in winter its a no.go. Ever.  For some reason that little escape just a few feet from my house has turned into a treat for me. I'm not sure how long it'll last, and I'm okay with that. It's made it that much more joyful.  That and listening to Kate Perry and really random rap music reminds me of college dorm jam sessions and other sorts of sillyness. 2) Going to the Ice Castles at MOA-most likely this weekend. I was sincerely hoping to check them out in Colorado, and was bummed to hear we would miss them when we moved back home and THEN! I found out that MOA here in Minnesota is having their very own. I think its a blessing straight from Jesus. Those ice-castles were made for me.

Taking this post from sara, one of my favorite bloggers. Love this idea.

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