2012 in Review


Hi there!
While we bask in the aftermath of a fun New Year, here is the annual ( and most favorite) post of all the favorite moments of the past year. 2012, you've been a good one.

Lets Begin!
We started off the year, basking in the aftermath of going down to Florida with Ben's family.
It was such a great trip!

Shortly after, we got to announce the happy news that we were gonna have a baby in July! We had such a fun time making this video and enjoyed sharing it with you all.

Now that the word was out, I began the fun series to our little spraguelet.  "Hi baby" became a bunch of little letters to E as she grew. I love these looking at these and look forward to when Eowyn is older to see what she thinks.

In March we went to basically the best event Hope hosts: Film Fest. We laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed everyone's awesome attire and ridiculous humor.

and soon after found out we were having a baby girl!

Come Spring, We went to our first Twins Game

Then in May, we got to go to Hawaii!

which was so Incredible! We loved it.

LDI, a year long program I was a part of ended in May, and left both Ben and I significantly changed.

We ushered in summer enjoying the fairly mild weather we had, and we took a few photos when I was 29 weeks pregnant


We then in June went to Colorado for our Family Reunion .I was 35 weeks pregnant then and actually had her a few weeks later! Little did we know we'd be having her so soon, or that we'd get to live in this state for 6 weeks!)

On July 13th, Eowyn was born. She was 4 weeks early (we speculate she actually was just 2 weeks early)! and perfectly wonderful. We started taking pictures every month of her to watch her grow. You can see all of them here.

She's was the best part of this Year. By far.

In September, I got to get together with my mom and Sister for our annual Girls weekend!
 which was a blast. 

This post happened shortly after-and it still might be my favorite ever. 

We moved to Denver Colorado in October for what we thought would be 3 months, but what actually turned out to be 6 weeks.

And while there, visited the  Denver Zoo & several state parks

Our marriage grew quite a bit while there, so while the trip was shortened, we're were really happy we did it.

Also,  Eowyn really started showing her sweet little personality, she hit the 4 month mark while we were in Colorado and as they say 'really hatched.' This was such a fun time and continues to be as she shows us more and more of herself.
and here

Ben's family came to visit for Thanksgiving and we went to see Garden of the Gods, Redrock Ampitheatre, and checked out the Zoo again.

It was a great time and we were happy that we had space to house them.
All through this second half of the year I've gotten to watch Ben become a better dad than I could have ever hoped for our littles:

And when we moved back to Minnesota in December,
Eowyn got to experience her first snow.

Ben wrote the sweetest letter to his baby girl for her 5 month birthday

And We celebrated our first christmas together as 3.

Then, as the last hoorah to 2012, got to celebrate with Sarah

and we ushered in the new year with my mom and dad (and the Carey's a little before new years day.) My favorite memory from this trip is by far seeing Eowyn with my mom. Eowyn giggles constantly every time shes near my mom. By giggle I mean, 15 minutes of shrieks. Love it.  They have a sweet connection that I love getting to see. She already loves her nana.

What an incredible year.

Whenever going through this blog I am thankful for the ups and downs that each year presents to us. Its especially meaningful to have all these posts to remember all that God has done. We've been so blessed and the adventure I often prayed to take is becoming even more of a ride than I could have ever predicted. Ben and I are both so incredibly different than when the first review of the year was made, and I'm thankful that God has continued to shape us, this marriage, and this family to align with Him.

Praise God for giving us so many struggles, and so many blessings that brought us here.
We are thankful.

Here's to 2013! I look forward to the adventure you'll be.

Happy New Year!

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