707 Film Fest--Ben's a Stud


This past weekend we went to Film Fest, the brain child of Shannon Martin, a fellow LDIer. It's like the mini-Oscars of Hope, where small groups make 5 minute videos in different genres, and they win awards for best use of prop, best female performance, etc. It's magical.  

So, as is true-form, we got decked out and had quite the fun.  I got to play the role of paparazzi for the evening, which was a blast and Ben managed to look studly the entire night. 


Here's the cast of the LDI's fim. We had a film noir piece. You can see it  here 
This was the first time we had gone, so we were pretty jazzed after wards. It's amazing. Weekend well spent. 


Here's a few others: 707 Videos

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