Spring Break!


Spring Break is this week for all of us LDI guys and gals!

This means a few things: 1.) Its a quiet time of getting caught up on all the things that have been neglected the past few weeks (erm, hi laundry,) and all those fun projects I've been wanting to work on are finally being completed. For instance! I finally completed my knitted-cowl which I started at the start of this winter (I'll show you in my 18 week post-even though now its spring), I took a part an old table I found in the dumpster, and turned the table top into a frame. It looks awesome, all swirly edges and what-not but is still in progress, finished making a dress, hemmed up some pants, working on a spring- wreath and I've been getting to organize and clean, with  my windows OPEN (72 degree high today!)

2.) It's allowing me some special time to think about our baby, what we really need to get, how we want to parent our kids (Thanks Momma Sprague for the revolutionary parenting book/dvd series-so far it rocks!) and just processing what a blessing this spraguelet is.

3.) It's allowing me to see just how much I fill my life with misc. busyness thats unnecessary. Ben and I for Lent (we've never practiced it before, but felt God asking us to give some stuff up, and it happened to coincide with the date-actually, we didn't know the date, so we started late-nevertheless) have given up a few things. For him, he's taking a rest from video-gaming, and I've been taking a rest from pinterest, reading blogs, etc. It's been sort of weird (but seemingly God-related) how its allowing me to be content with all the things, relationships, and financial resources God's given me. It's also allowing me to spend more time examining and using all of those, rather than spending hours getting my appetite wet for more.

It's allows me and Ben to find new things to do with each other. Walks, watching ridiculous videos on youtube, dominion, more talking about life and babies, hearing awesome stories about Ben (that man is amazing), more walks, seeing real-life- deloreans on our walks! and other fun things. We're becoming better friends.

 It also helps that we just went to the Weekend to Remember Retreat put on by Family Life Today. It was so good! Ben and I were encouraged in a lot of the decisions we've been making, and really were able to talk in a deeper way about our relationship.  If you want to go, and live in the area, there's still one in Rochester! Click here to find more about the places it'll be. It's awesome. Do it.

Then, to follow it up with not filling all our extra time with how we normally do, I can see how God, being the good God He is, has allowed the timing to be impeccable for spiritual and relationship growth (Nice work, Jesus, nice work. )

That being said, the blog itself has taken a bit of a more quiet turn. Mostly because I've been avoiding my computer, but also because there's always that need to do in order to write about what you're doing.

In the meantime, I realized I had yet to share with you all a post a did a few weeks ago about LDI and what God's doing in my life through it. You can read it here.  We talk about ewoks. so thats always a worthwhile click. Due to this post, a few Hopesters have started calling our future child ewok or chewy, (which by the way, little fact-o-the-day chewbaca is a wookie, not an ewok, but its all related to the future hairiness of our child-so it works.) We think its funny and get a good chuckle every time.

Never the less, God is faithful.

Over and Out

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