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I don't think I ever heard from all the mommas I know that they spent hours researching cribs, strollers, car-seats, etc. But I'm sure they do based on the millions of web-pages dedicated to such searches. Nor have I heard too many talk about them forgetting their keys, their homework, or their computer laptop cords, or  how much a cookie or ramen seems to motivate them to get up and clean the house or do other things rather than take a nap. But this has been my experience.

There is something definitely different about being pregnant in the way my brain functions. To the point where reading systematic theology about death and heaven has me all weepy and the idea of Ben and our baby makes me stay up late at night wondering about how crazy awesome its gonna be. (which probably attributes to the forgetfulness of everything else.) It has me emotionally moved by every commercial with puppies or skittles, or desserts and has me verbally commenting on movies and t.v. shows on accident. Typically in a scolding way. (The 'Tisk" that my mom always used to do is coming out...weird.)  It's something else, folks. I'm workin' on keeping it under control.

I know I've told a few of you all, but Ben and I decided on cloth diapers. I'll probably write a post on the why's and the hows-since all the other cloth-diaper moms out there seem to have fun writing about it (and I want to tell all those newbie other cloth-diaper moms (hi friends.) that they're not alone when they feel like crying at how many choices there are.) But I gotta tell you, some of this stuff is ridiculous. I have however, in the midst of research all things baby, reading all sorts of books offered to us, and figuring out how to just chill-learned a few things that have saved my brain and emotional well-being the past few weeks.

  • For starters-Ben makes really good decisions. That man knows how to pick diapers, to car seats to you name it. And not in the silly "yeah, that's cool." But in the 'I appreciate the snaps on this, and really like this feature, We're gonna go with this one." kind of decision making. It has saved me. Thanks Ben, my tear-ducts thank you. (as you know full well.)
  • The minute exciting news happens, within 20-30 minutes it will be met with horrific stories. From Labor and Delivery, crazy gender mutations, you name it. Which leaves Brittany doing extensive research reading legit studies on the probability of these occurring. Research Methods Class on Steroids.  Then, leaves me calling my mom and having her reassure me I'm not gonna die or get a mutant baby. Lesson I've learned: Skip all the research, and just call the mom. For some reason my mom saying 'that's ridiculous!" and giving a quite well formed bit on about how good Jesus is has been far  more assuring than a 98% probability of something not happening. Dear mother, I love you and I love your love of Jesus.

  • Cookies are really good. Baby likes cookies.
  • All a baby really needs is a car seat to take it home in, some cloths to keep it warm, some form of food, something to catch said food once digested, and a bed. The rest can be figured out along the way. To find all those things, there's books or there's websites like that do all sorts of customer reviews. 
  • Mom's who tell me repeatedly "This was my experience, but it may not be yours, but just in case here's what I learned" are the best mom's ever. They lend advice in the most reassuring way, then qualify it just in case my kid is totally different. I like those moms. I really like those moms. I  hope to be like those moms. 
  • Jesus loves this baby even more than I do. And is even better at taking care of it. If Ben and I totally screw up on this one, God is able to do far better than we ever did and reshape any damage caused. I look at our life-our crazy mistakes-and see how God has even redeemed those. Parenting while looking to Him for direction and I think we're gonna be alright. This baby is gonna be. Just. Fine. Even better than fine. 
  • Baby kicks are bomb. (That's the first time I've ever used that saying. I hope I said it right. Kari can correct me if misused) 
  • Sisters who give you access to all their baby stuff make this whole transition 100, 1000X easier. Thanks for paving the way, Bre and being so gracious to tell me the things I need and don't need. One hour conversation with you leaves me far more at peace then the giant excel sheet I have listing all the things we may or may not need. You obliterated a good 80 percent of the list by your advice and your generosity. I love you.
  • When concerned with my lack of maturity due to my incessant need to stop myself from saying lame things like "Your mom," or talking about things that aren't always appropriate for the occasion, I remember that I have 22 years on this little nugget, so by the time our baby is making use of these sayings I may (or may not) have matured considerably. If not-Ben's pretty mature, he'll balance it all out.  If that doesn't work, at least they may actually say something funny-or we'll get to know their teachers better and get good at talking about comedic timing and when certain phrases are appropriate.  (Ben' will probably have to lead that conversation-I fail at both) 
  • People that celebrate with you with happy laughs and high fives make me want to hug and squeeze them and never let go. There's a special sort of feeling I get for them. And really really want to make sure I get that excited for others. It's teaching me a whole new way of lifting people up. Hopesters are awesome at this.
  • Both Ben and My mom's reactions to happy news make this entire pregnancy a gazillion times more joy filled. I love how those ladies celebrate. It puts any excitement I had, after hearing them on the phones a billion times more excited. They give me joy unspeakable. 
  •  Again, Cookies really. Really are delicious. So is Ramen. (the whole sweet-salty thing was never an indication of this pregnancy. The two are delicious no matter what is growing inside of me.This will be true till death-then heaven will be filled with both I suspect.) Yum.
  • God has been so good to us through this whole thing. His track record in our lives would attest to the fact that he's carried us through. He'll keep carrying us through this as well.  
I think that suffices, Any moms (Or friends of moms) have some awesome wisdom that makes pregnancy all the better? Wisdom Nuggets are my favorite. Eat um for breakfast.  

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