* the walks Ben and I have been taking, especially the one when the street lights went on, and ben showed me all his knowledge about constellations,
*Awesome hip-hop dance sessions that occur during cool movie credits. Ben's got some moves, folks. 
* Birdies singing when we wake up.
* Seeing Ben at buy buy baby and peapod, and seeing him put on baby wraps and slings as the lady showed him how to do it. That man has some confidence.
* Reflecting on LDI, whether or not it has been worth it, and remembering how God has been faithful,
*Fun little coffee dates.
 * Seeing God provide. 
* This weather!
* Ben and I talking about ministry-where I fit, where he fits, and where we feel like Jesus is calling us.
* These past few weeks we keep laughing about how opposite we are, and yet how complimentary that's become. We've also been noticing how our used-to-be polar differences have sort of morphed into both of us being less of what we were and more of what the other is. 
* Hearing Ben talk about relient K, Dominion, and all of his other passions.
*Getting to see my sister, Casey and her boys this past week,
*Scheduling our ultrasound for a week from TODAY!
*Watching Ben and seeing him in a whole new way as he begins to plan for our family.
*Marveling at God's creation

God is faithful.

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