We had our ultrasound yesterday! While we're still figuring out fun ways to tell the news to you all, I just wanted to write about it so I don't forget. There's something about seeing that little heartbeat, and its little feet. I remember when looking at our baby, before we find out what gender it was and kept thinking " I don't care what it is, I love it." I'm already getting good at the tearing up and cooing over that little spraguelet.  We found out the gender, and we were pretty excited. We had listed why we'd be excited for either last night so we really were pretty happy with whatever we heard. Needless to say we're pleased, and I just keep daydreaming about the special bond Ben and the baby will have, and all the things we'll get to teach that sweet thing.

Hopefully we'll create our fun way to tell you all oh-so-soon. (We want to make a fun video-because any opportunity to make a fun video should be taken) But in the meantime, thanks for all your prayers. :) Our baby looks healthy and happy. :)  and is 1 week and a half longer than it should be (we got one lanky baby!)

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