Denver Zoo



Ben and I have been intentional about checking out the must-see places here in Denver during our weekends. This weekend we decided to check out the zoo. It was amazing! Going with Ben is especially entertaining with his surprising amount of knowledge on all sorts of animals (He had a large quantity of Fact Files growing up-the man knows his animal facts.) 

We actually didn't make it through the whole zoo. It was just that large. Luckily there was mention of going to it when Ben's family comes to visit-so we weren't too focused on pushing through it all. We still got our share of animals. Ben even got the sea-lion to show off (something he takes after his mom in.) It's fun to watch. The animals were putting on quite the show. There's one photo of a small antelope-type animal eating from the tree. You'll see his white belly! We had never seen it in real life-so that was neat. It was a fun adventure. 

In other exciting news Eowyn laughed tonight! We went out to eat with a good friend of ours and when we returned I was putting her to sleep. She was ridiculously smiley. I called Ben in to her room just to see. For being her bedtime (when she's normally mildly fussy) it was funny to see her grinning at everything. Ben started doing his usual routine of noises with her and all of a sudden she let out a definite chuckle. Then another one. And another one. He kept doing his noises and she kept laughing. I teared up-I swear that's the most beautiful sound in the world. It was hard to put her to sleep, but she quickly got tired of us overstimulating her and started crying-so we went ahead and said goodnight. But OH! What a great feeling. Mom's had mentioned it to me and I agree with everything they've said. It's a magical thing. I'm a little giddy for her to wake up tomorrow morning so we can get her laughing again. 

Happy Daylight Savings Time! and Happy Weekend.

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