22 before 23! How'd I do?


Every year I've created a list of things I'd like to do in my next year. Around my next birthday, I go through the list and see how I've done. Surprisingly I was pushing out a baby a week before my birthday and totally forgot my birthday (Now me and E are a week a part!) My husband reminded me, and we celebrated. This post, however never was written.

So then! Let's do it now! Here's the list from my 22nd birthday:
I went ahead and underlined all the ones that I completed. 

1. Read the Whole Bible- YAY!

2.Sew 10 dresses-Nope didn't complete. I sewed a skirt, and one dress (which really was more like a tube with a strap on it. I DID however sew a ton of burp rags and a few other cute things. Counts a bit right?

3.Grow in LDI- in more ways than I can say.

Keep Blogging- This blog has been a really great outlet for me. Right now I'm working on some blog design, HTML and CSS stuff  while also publishing our old books through blurp.com. It's be awesome seeing just how much my writing style, design style and overall outlook has changed and how this blog has evolved over the past 3 years.

5. Apply for Graduate School-Before LDI I 1/2 Applied to a MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) program. I submitted all but my recommendation letters. A midst that I applied for LDI and felt certain that was where I should go. I got a rejection letter from the MFT program for an incomplete application a few weeks later. I'm still incredibly pleased with my decision.

6. Buy a new Beta Fish-Baxter was his name. Every fish we own dies before we move-like one to two days before. It's a weird thing. This one did too. :(

7. Photo shoots for Fall, Winter, & Spring- 2/3 Fail. First Trimester in the Fall (several weeks of feeling green), Cold Pregnant Lady in the Winter, & DIY Maternity Shoot in the spring!

8. Fly a Kite with Ben-Still working on it!

9. Get to Know Jesus- this feels weird crossing off, but it was something that definitely did happen. LDI allowed me to fall in love with Jesus all over again. Still discovering Him.

10. Write in a Journal for 52 weeks-Yeah...ambitious and failed. I think I wrote in my designated journal like...3 times.

11.Make or Grow Christmas Presents for all my ladies-Again, ambitious and didn't really happen.

12. Host a party at our home-The Best Kind

13. Comicon Convention-This didn't happen. Mostly because Ben started to phase out of comic books for various reasons.

14.Make Canvases of our Vows-Canvases bought, Vow photoshop image created. Struggled to find a place to print 12X12 prints other than Costco. Working on it.

15. Girls Retreat with Bre and Mom- Good times recorded here.

16. Build a Fort in our Living Room and Watch movies-If blowing up an air mattress counts. Then yes. I assure you, this will be happening more especially with a little girl in our midst.

17.Drive in Movie- No! not yet. But soon! Again especially with a little girl in our midst.

18. Bake Treats and Grow Plants-Done. And. Done. Always to throw in some easy ones.

19. Keep up the Adventure Videos-we lost our camera that took videos, but now we found it. Lately our adventures have been Eowyn making noises, smiling and rolling over. But, I'd say yes.

20. Choose to give the benefit of the doubt and forgive more quickly- This was an especially life-giving practice. I've learned how to celebrate others more and grace is so much easier for me to find these days. I often find myself looking at what I assume the motivation of another's heart is when saying x, y or z. 9 times out of 10 it's to relate, to protect, to connect etc. Rarely is it out of harm.

21. Celebrate Two Years of Marriage! Read all about what I learned here

22.Spend more time doing than wishing.  I noticed this a lot. Life filled my days this year and I often times missed all the dreaming I would once spend hours doing. I might be adding a bit more of that to this years list.

65.13% Complete!

Looking forward to taking time and writing a 23 before 24 list.

Happy Tuesday

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