Chubby Cheeks!



One perk of having a baby when you move to a new city, is the endless hours of entertainment that you get from that little nugget of joy. Even when she sleeps I can spend a few minutes photoshopping her face. We've observed a few things about this child we meshed our DNA together to form and here are a few of those observations.

1. You love your daddy. He brings a sort of joy to you that I delight that you two have. You can see it in this fuzzy picture below. And. I. Love. It.
2. You have a perfectly symmetrical head. As in, when I Photoshop a perfect circle-your perfect little skull fits into it. Little Cherub.

3. Your all sorts of wonderful. You take everything in and are one happy baby. We're still trying to get a repeat of that ridiculous round of laughs we got nearly a week ago, but you're making us work for it.
4. You're my kid. I didn't really identify as a mom for those first few months, but daily I become more and more identified as yours. and as you being my girl.  I'm happy God's letting us raise you. and I like really really like you.

5.Those blue eyes of yours have brown specs in them. I was never a fan of my brown eyes until all of a sudden you might get them. Something about sharing that with you makes me giddy. You look so much like your dad; it makes my heart swell to think those pretties looking up at me might share the same color as my eyeballs.

6.You're a funny one, Ms. Bean of Jelly.   

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