Denver Zoo Part II


The Spragues have a tradition of checking out the zoo in any of the towns they visit. It's a fun tradition that we kept up when they came to visit us here in Denver. The day before thanksgiving, we headed out to the zoo and had a blast. A lot more of the animals were out than when Ben and I went, and the weather was beautiful. Ben and I saw a whole section of the zoo we hadn't the first time and we had a lot of fun both watching the animals and watching Ben's mom get the animals to respond to her. We swear, she's an animal whisperer. They do just about anything for her, dancing and talking included. Eowyn seemed more into it as well. With the first time using a stroller my sister gave us (thanks Bre!) we watched her take it all in! At one point the peacocks (that are allowed to just roam the zoo) came flying really close to her. She loved it. We also had some squirrels steal our mint-chocolate chip cookies from our stroller-so it seems the animals enjoyed us just about as much as we enjoyed them.

This zoo really is amazing. Its HUGE and if you're ever in the Denver area, we highly recommend checking it out. Its affordable and incredible to see. There are animals I never knew existed and tiny little monkeys that are about the size of chipmunks. Both times we've gone we've had  "never seen that before!" moments.

We're enjoying Ben's family visiting us through Sunday. We're hoping to go to Colorado Springs to check out a few sights there.

I hope your thanksgiving was filled with reminders of how great we have been blessed. I know ours was. Even the sheer amount of food filling our fridge is a kind reminder that we live overwhelmed. We have more food than we can consume in a day (possibly even a week!)and we have community and family and health and all sorts of things that can't be purchased. Thankful for God's blessings, and even His common grace on all people. Even seeing all the animals was a cool reminder of the creativity of the God our family worships. He did good and it seems had a whole lot of fun.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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