Dear John #36



When we decided to move, something we had kept praying for was that our marriage would be strengthened through this. I joked that we shouldn't pray things like that without realizing the reality that whenever we pray for stuff like this-stuff always gets harder. And it has. To make anything stronger you must do a few things. Namely train, be tested, push further. We've gotten to do just that, haven't we? Despite the struggles that this transition has brought us, I become more and more impressed with you. You navigate the somewhat (okay, incredibly) murky land of my heart and have been determined to speak my language. You've heard me; more than that, you've felt what I'm trying to communicate. The struggles we've gotten to face-with a new baby and a new place, you've done more than just intellectually processed what I'm communicating. I can't express how thankful I am for that.

These letters never do you justice. You breath new life into my heart after a long day. You pray over me when I'm exhausted (even praying for silly ridiculous things that make me giggle as you make our requests to God. You remind me how much He cares.) You fight for us. You are relentless in fighting for our family. You're committed, you're loyal in a deeper sense than I've ever been-and I'm learning. I'm learning to be like you.

And while I'm learning to be like you, you're quick to embrace the good stuff I bring into the family. you make me feel like I matter. You're quick to be willing to 'start the day over,' and the silly voices you take unashamedly with Eowyn bring a smile to my face. There's a special joy I've encountered since becoming your wife and an even deeper joy since becoming the mother of our children.

Becoming a dad looks good on you. You've become a man that I can admire even more deeply. What once was obvious chivalry is now downright commitment. You are determined to treat your family well and to protect. There's a special trust that comes when raising a child together. I'm happy I've gotten to experience that with you.

You've already won this girl's heart and have already convinced me that God was incredibly kind in bringing us together. Thanks for winning me over again and again and for being relentless in your pursuit for what God intended for our family and for you and me. I trust you. Completely.

You are the best kind of leader. Not just the commander and chief, but the shepherd of this home. You lead while taking kindly to our hearts. You're doing incredibly well.

Well done, champ. Well done.

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