Red Rock Ampitheater



With Ben's Mom and Dad here, we decided to make the most of a beautiful Sunday and head out to one of the spots we've heard good things about: Red Rock Ampitheater. It's known for its history of concert performances, including the Beatles and we had heard that its sights are worth the drive regardless if there's a concert or not. So, after church and a quick lunch, off we went. The sights did not disappoint.

On our way home, we stopped at this cute little ice cream place. It was AMAZING! Baileys Irish Cream, Vanilla Chai, Guinness Caramel, Sleepless in Seattle (a coffee flavored kind) just to name a few of the crazy flavors) left us happy campers. Eowyn even licked a bit of my chai ice cream and approved.
The day was well spent. With shakey knees from all the walking up and down gazillions of stairs, I think we'll all sleep well tonight.

We got a little curious as to how E would look once those lush locks come in so we did a little experiment. Here are the results:
 Watch out, boys.  

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