Here are a few little things making my week:


Ben brought these home about a week ago after doing some grocery shopping for us while E took a nap. I love sunflowers. While they slowly wilt they still are making this de-christmased place look so bright. 

Right around 9:00 or so I do a swoop through the house and start cleaning from the night before. Its a funny routine, seeing as about two hours later everything will be out again. This morning, I decided just to walk around and take pictures. Soon enough I'll have a spotless house, with no messes to clean. My kids will be in college, and that swoop through won't have to happen on a daily basis. Then, I'll miss babies with their toys and all the stacks of laundry. I'm learning to treasure messes.


Let me introduce you to our quirky humor. This guy is one of our favorite ha-ha's. And over Christmas, he got a friend! Every year we bust out the nutcrackers for Christmas  and spread them all throughout the house (We even hide a couple.) This one always goes in front of the tree painting. We did it as a joke the first year of our marriage (because LOOK at how well he belongs there!) and he's now goes there every year. This year, Ben's grandma sent us this beaver. It was a former ornament but now is just a spikey woodland creature. I wasn't too sure where to place him, he's too sharp to be a toy, and he wouldn't hang on the tree, and then got the idea that our nutcracker-friend needed a friend of his own. Now all the nutcrackers are put away, but this guy will stay out-as he always does-for a few more months. My guess is he'll end up with a fleet of woodland animals by the time we die. Ben and I got a few laughs when he got home to discover the new beaver friend. Stories are made about this little guy and his hunting buddy.


Ben and I had our hand at homemade brownies a couple nights ago. and Oh. My. Goodness. So good. Random factoid: We are notorious for getting in disagreements when cooking (He measures everything, I sort of go by the seat of my pants) but these, we both followed the rules and they turned out amazing. One point for Ben and his direction-following. All thanks goes to him. I'm learning folks, I'm learning.

I just finished up my first (decent) cowl from crocheting this morning. I'm feeling pretty accomplished at teaching myself and am super happy to have this warm thing to wear. Eowyn has been going through a sort of spurt of sickness, fussiness that is now on its second week. She's a trooper overall, and pretty much just defies nap times. I think its in these moments when I am learning to just breath. Perspective is a lovely thing and while I'm praying "God please, just let her rest." I begin to realize how far away it seems when just a few months ago I was crying in the bathroom about how unprepared I was for this. Now, 5 or so months later, here we are and Eowyn is her goofy self and is only occasionally having a hard time. (And we sleep pretty much every night till the sun comes up. Praise The Lord.)  I'm thankful for the truth behind "the days a long, the years are short." And I'm especially thankful for my husband who this week commented "Britt, I'm here for the hard stuff too. That's part of being of me being your husband and her dad." While it may be obvious, the inentionality he takes in speaking such things (to remind me, that its okay to ask for help) speak to this heart in such deep ways. 
Love that man. Love these little things that make weeks blessed.

Hope your week is filled with little things to celebrate.

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