Baby vs. Pears



Eowyn is nearing 6 months (about a week from today!) and while we've experimented, we decided this weekend was the time to bust out our little baby blender (an awesome gift!) and give baby food a ago. 

We bought some pears, and blended about a week and a half worth of food. It was quite easy and enjoyable. We intend on making our own baby food, especially now that we have found it to be so easy (and for the cost savings!) Typically Eowyn seems most hungry in the afternoon even after milk, so we decided to feed her our baby food then. Here we documented the experience:


We laughed a good chuckle as she tasted it and for the first few bites she LOVED it, soon after she was done. It was a good time none the less and we look forward to keeping it up. Now that we have about a weeks worth of baby food already made, we'll keep giving her little bits of it and see if she begins to like it more. 

Our baby's growing up.

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