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Watching: Cosby show. After this week, I told Ben we're only having one kid. He in his genius, puts on that show and I'm back to wanting a barrel full. Smart man.

Listening to: Real Marriage Series  by Mark Driscoll. Whenever we go to Waupaca we listen to a sermon in this series. While I'm currently as of this moment listening to nothing-my mind has gone back to the most recent sermon we listened to here. It convicted my heart in so many ways and I'm still processing through it. 

Thinking about: The value of putting my phone down. When I was pregnant and waiting for a girlfriend at a coffee shop, I saw a 2 or so year old girl coloring and her mom sitting across from her checking her phone. They sat like that for over 20 minutes and I thought to myself "I don't want to do that."

 Yet, I've noticed myself playing with Eowyn and checking my InstaGram feed or facebook while trying to entertain her. There's sometimes when she stops and is just looking at me and it takes me 30 or so seconds to notice her looking. I'm learning to leave my phone in the other room. There was a post I read recently (It's a shame I read posts and it takes me a few days to let it sink in, then I forget who wrote it!) that   commented that she will not regret missing out on social media, but she will wish for more time when she watches her little girl someday cross the stage and grab her diploma. That resolated with me-and sort of shocked me! (Eowyn will someday be a high-school graduate. Weird.) I've become more intentional with the little time I have with my girl.

Looking forward to: When Ben gets home. I like his face.

Reading: I'm still pushing through Grace for the Good Girl whenever the moment allows for it. It has been all sorts of life giving. The last chapter touched on giving up my 'rights' and the author, Emily Freeman gave examples of the rights she's giving up. So many of her examples struck home for me since most, if not all my problems lately seem to lie in me dying on the hill of my rights- My right to be heard. My right to be understood. My right to be noticed for all the work I do here. The list goes on. 

I have to lay them down. Why? Jesus did. And calls us to freedom by doing the same. I'm being led (sometimes dragged) to that freedom. The next on my list is a book called "Loving the Little Years."  and Sticky Teams. Looking forward to both of them.

Making Me Happy: So many things. Despite having a rough week (If you follow me on IG you'll know that I got sick this past weekend-the first time with the flu in a decade! So blessed to go that long without!) there were a lot of joy moments this past week. I had wanted a particular Shabby Apple Dress for over a year and this week it went on sale and I had just the right amount of fun-money for it. Ben surprised me with flowers. I got to see my family this past weekend. little things. So many blessings.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty. I am 52 and still learning lessons about how to interact with my grown children. I still feel sad when they make wrong choices; still pray for them; cry for them. Try to be there for them. Being a parent is a life-long role. Blessings.