This morning, after I put Eowyn down for her morning nap, I busted out the Honey Nut chex and grabbed a banana. After examining said banana, I hesitantly opened it up, suspecting it to be all sorts of nasty since its outside shell was more brown than yellow. It was the last of the bunch, and looked pretty pittiful.

But I was surprised. I opened that bad boy up and not a single bruise was to be found. Not a single one. I was surprised and happy and felt something in my heart stir up. "Thats you brittany."

While being compared to a banana seems to be a little silly, it struck my heart. I could relate to that little banana. and while the outside was a little sad looking, internally it was a-okay (and delish.)

Last night, after Eowyn had been put to sleep I asked the question I often ask Ben: 'think we're gonna make it?" He replied rather quickly (as he always does) "We already are."

We sat in the silence of a sleeping baby and talked about the ways that we really are doing well. We talked about how fun Eowyn is in health, and how much grace is needed in marriage (and how happy we are we've figured out how to be kind to each other when we're a little crazy)  we looked at the exciting things to come as a new adventure unfolds for us. We chatted it up. And this bruised banana shell realized that we really are going to be just fine. In fact. We're good.

I appreciate your kindness with the sweet texts I've gotten and emails in response to the last post. Its always a weird feeling for me to post something that hasn't been edited, written late at night, and isn't filled with attempts to see the bright side. But the grace that follows is an encouragement to me. So thank you.

A few of you have asked how that baby of ours is doing. She's still sick with a pretty nasty cough/cold. It always seems to get worse before it gets better, eh? But her fever has broken and while its a bit heartbreaking the yelps she gives after a cough, she's quick to smile. We have a doctor appointment for her tomorrow. For a check-up and to make sure this isn't anything more dramatic than the common cold. So, we're thinking she'll be back to her normal self soon. Nothing like the first major sickness of a kid. I feel like its a rite of passage, more for us than for her.

That girl loves her dad though. Look at some of those pictures up top. They're sort of an incredible pair. (and that trapeze move might be one of ben's top 10 accomplishments. You should have seen that man's face. It was a mix of 'thatta girl!' and 'all my child-rendering dreams are coming true.')

Hope you have a happy Monday !

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