God has been so awesome lately in showing us the depth of his love. The more we talk about kids, what we hope for our family and the like, the more sweet videos like this find their way to us. While we don't know how many kids we'll get to have, either by birth or adoption, we love adoption. We love how representative it is of what God did for us and we love the tangible image that adoptive families represent of Christ and the church. The few families we know that have or are in the process of bringing their babies home, we love you guys and are excited for you. 

I love how the mom talks about how it isn't easy. Our culture today is so anti-inconvenience, and if there's one thing I've learned-even with my one baby-kids are not convenient. But neither is authentic love. Ben and I have talked about adoption several times. What once was something we were unwilling to do, God is showing us more and more how this family is his, which means he can welcome whoever he wants to it. While I don't know if that will look like a home with a revolving door with kids from around us visiting often, or it'll be a door where kids from different parts of the world come to stay, this is His family, and God can do whatever he wants with it.

Hope you enjoy this sweet video.

In addition, check this whole organization out. They exist to encourage generous living.

I Like Giving

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love that video and will definitely be checking out the organization.