DIY: Iron-On Onsies


When I was pregnant, I pinned all the cute little ideas of decorating onsies and got excited about the decals, dying and painting I could do to make E one cute looking baby. The opportunities were endless! Time past, and while we're blessed with friends and family who cute-fied our childs wardrobe, the hopes for the handmade were not realized in terms of baby clothes. Until I found these pretties. 

I bought Julia Rothmans Iron On transfers from amazon after seeing a fun baby shower, and while Ben was at a game night, decided to try my hand at it. I went through her drawers, found a few onsies and when Eowyn went to sleep, had my own little craft night.

 The instructions are all there, and it actually is pretty easy. It all together took about 20 or so minutes. The decals are high-quality and I had a lot of success, even with my old iron. You find the design you want, cut out the decal flip it over and iron it on. Simple. I did the whole operation on my coffee table since it recommends ironing at a lower level for pressure. That's one thing I realized after my practice. I needed to apply pressure, not just heat for the decals to really stick and not wrinkle. Needless to say, it was a good time. While its too cold for her to just where these onsies for an extended period of time, I'm diggin' Eowyn's new undershirts.

Overall, for the momma who wants to have a hand at something crafty, here's a quick project with immediate results. The designs are fun and some are really pretty. I think some of the designs would look awesome on canvas bag, pillows and some of my own shirts. I'm looking forward to making  more.

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