Praise God for Work



In reading Loving the Little years, the author talks about how we use certain words to excuse ourselves from the work God has given us. She gives the example that she would say "I'm so overwhelmed!" And this phrase created a license in her life to excuse her from the work she was given. She had 5 kids. Twins, tandem nursing. She WAS overwhelmed  But she insisted she stop saying that phrase. 

She compares it to when mothers ask their children to clean their room. We've all seen it, even if we aren't parents. The kid lags, complains, drags their feet. If they would have done the work without complaining, they'd already be done by now. 

She challenges the reader to identify their phrases that they cling to to excuse them from the work God's given them and strike it from their mouth and heart.

So I prayed God would go ahead and show me the phrase I use to drag my feet. What I became aware of is I don't have just a phrase. I have several. 

"I'm so tired."
"It can be really lonely being staying at home."
"I don't feel understood."
"This work is repetitive."
"I have the right to be heard/understood/affirmed"
"It'll mess up E's routine."

 Its these phrases that I constantly go back to to excuse myself from opportunities to be the wife, mom and friend I'm called to be. Am I tired? Yes. Is it really lonely being here all day? Yes. Do I have a right to be heard, understood and affirmed? Perhaps...Does ministry and gathering with others mess up Eowyn's routine?You betcha.

Despite the reality of this situation, the fact is the work still needs to be done. By me. Children, friendships and marriage are huge blessings. and they are huge work.

I've been challenged to quit saying these things both with my mouth and my heart. The facts of my circumstances do not give me a way out of the work that I'm called to.

And when I come to God with all these complaints, I think he listens. Just like a mom listens as their child goes on about all the reasons why they shouldn't have to clean their room. And after I'm heard...I feel the push to get up and go do what God told me to do in the first place.

Praise God for his Grace. Praise God for giving me such a loving husband. Praise God for giving me such incredible friendships. Praise God for giving me Eowyn with her giggly face. Praise God for work.

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