1. We got our pictures taken this weekend by one of my favorite friends Katie K. The one above is one from the shoot. I'm loving them. I'll be posting a few here this week. They've made me all sorts of happy. You can see a lot of love. And I keep starring at Ben's face. #Winning

2. I always heard moms say "as soon as you think you're figuring things out, everything changes." True Story. My Life.

3. I've been catching myself doing all the things, like say such phrases above,  that other moms did when I was pregnant/in the early days. One sad example: talking about labor to pregnant ladies. It shouldn't be allowed yet, I've now had a couple of convo's about it with innocent growing-baby bystanders.  I remember telling Ben "Why do these ladies keep telling me these stories?" Unless a magical party with glitter happens when you go into labor, I didn't want to here it. No I don't want to know how long it took, how painful it was, or any other such detail. Why? Because there's no way to prepare myself and it made me tense. 'Cuz really what DOES a contraction feel like? Nevertheless, 7 months latter,  I am blabbing about  back labor, throwing up and adrenaline.  "But oh its so worth it. Its not that bad! Time flies!" I'm sorry.  I'm breaking my own rules. I'll let you tell me your story too. 

4. Ben got this awesome 2 player star-wars card game that we're really liking. I never thought I'd be a board-gamer. Let alone one that has more than 3 stages. But here we are. Its pretty obvious you become like the person you're married to. I'm liking who I get to become like. First game ever played, Brittany won. Huzzah.

5. Eowyn is on the verge of crawling. She basically does it standing still. Its cute, and terrifying. She also still has no teeth. Both her inability to move and her lack of chomping tools (since she's already fond of grinding her gums....) are things I'm thankful for. 

6. I decided to open up a way to support my blog friends! If you click on the "Advertise" link on the bottom right of the page, you'll see how it works (Its free.) If you have a blog yourself, and want to advertise here, that may be something you're interested in.

7.  We're supposed to get a snow storm coming through here in the next day or two. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it (What?!) Especially because following it is 35-40 degree weather. It officially feels like a true Minnesota spring.

Happy Monday.

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