Its been an up and down March for us. With the still-remaining lack of uncertainty, bouts of SAD which resulted in us buying a happy light (huzzah!) and more, its had it's share of struggle. but all in all a lot of really quality conversations have come out of this month, so for that I'm grateful.  Because of all that, it has been a quiet couple of weeks here on the blog.

In light of that, I wanted to play catch up a little, so here are 10 random factoids about these past few weeks!

1. After 8 months of researching, scoring craigslist, and saving our pennies, we finally took the plunge and bought a stroller. The city mini GT was our choice and OHMAGOSH I love that thing. I've even taken to naming it. Now, its just a stroller. Truly. But I do love that thing. I'll write more on it once I use it more than the few times I have. But it will most likely be on a recommendation post soon. And I may keep it forever.

2.The several month saga of diaper rash is finally coming to a close. What started as ammonia burns from our detergent not cleaning our diapers well enough, to plain ol diaper rash, to yeast infection, we've gone through the ringer. I accumulated an ungodly amount of tubes of diaper ointments. So much so, a friend who came over was chuckling with me. "You weren't kidding." Its ridiculous. BUT. that little hiney is *knock on wood* all taken care of. Her eczema is getting under control as well. Praise Almighty (I prayed over that bum nightly.) Two thumbs DOWN for bad genetics on BOTH sides. Hey Eowyn, Little tip: Marry a man with skin made of steel.

3. God has been stretching me and challenging me a lot lately. From searching for him to struggling through seeing what God is doing, I've found that almost all the things I'm praying for God has answered with "Wait." I've been feeling the urge to examine my friendships and really look at how they influence me and be proactive about pursuing the ones that I find joy and freedom in. These things have resulted in my outlook on a lot of things is shifting. I've struggled through minor bouts of seasonal depression (I feel like near every minnesotan can relate at least to some degree) which has made things difficult at times.  To see it coming this year has given me the opportunity to really take a look at a lot of factors that influence it. The results of this long process has been a lot of grace and honesty towards Ben and myself, a lot of new found joy with Eowyn and a lot of freedom to pull back/plunge in with outside relationships. Just in time for spring!

4. I'm late with Eowyn's 8 month pictures. And every morning I wake up with the hopes the sun will be perfect and the clouds will be singing. Its supposed to be sunny ALL week, so I'm excited to capture my goofball of a girl. (and oh my goodness that girl has gotten silly this past month.)

5. Ben and I started building Lego starwars. We often quote nacho libre and watch the star war movies in tandem. It's for fun.

6. Laundry. Lack of socks for my groom. You are the pain in my side. But you are giving me freedom to purge a bunch of my clothes. And make me feel accomplished when I demolish you into nicely folded pieces. So, thanks.

7. We went on TWO dates sans bebe in two weeks. Talk about living wild.

8. We see Ben's sister this weekend, My family next weekend, & go to ARIZONA the weekend after. Giddy up!

9. Ooo. Speaking of Arizona. I got a 1950 style dress for a fancy dinner we get to go to that I'm really loving. I'm excited to see Ben dressed up. That man is lava in a tux.

10. You'll see in one of the pictures above, Ben is fake 'sleeping' in exhaustion. I don't talk too much about Eowyn's sleep or lack there of on the blog, because its a pretty controversial issue that I'm not really up for discussing.  But if you know Ben and I, you'll  guess that we're in favor of routine and in favor of moderate grace-filled sleep-training. We're not the cold turkey kind of folks, but Eowyn has slept through the night since 4 months. Off and on however, we get to work with her again (especially as she develops her will and personality more. ) I know its not for everyone, but she and we are happiest when she sleeps. These past weeks have been a bit rough as we have, with a lot of grace, coached E through this new stage. Nevertheless, we're sleepy. But she's starting to like sleep again.

11. I somehow just discovered the 'mini' size blizzard at DQ. Ben and I sort of love them and talk about how "Everything is good in moderation." 'Cuz you know, when its that small-its practically like those 400 calories don't exist. Right? I jest. You should see me sing praises to Jesus over the french silk pie mini blizzard. It even comes with whip cream. So glad God made milk to make ice cream. All to the glory of God. Oh. And Eowyn sucked on bacon for the first time this past week. I'd say that alone is enough to be excited about. She liked it.

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  1. I work mega-early tomorrow so I should probably be sleeping instead of reading/smiling to myself over this blog post but really. I love your heart. I'm praising Jesus that I get to have you for a friend. Ben is one lucky man.

    We should get DQ together sometime. I remember last March Eric bought me a mini blizzard for my birthday and I think I looked at him as if he was Jesus.