Family Photos



Some of Eowyn's first pictures ever taken were by my dear friend Katie K. While I was pregnant, during class I would whisper to Katie when E was moving around and she would get giddy with me. So much of the joy of having a baby was amplified just by getting to share it with her. So, when she offered to take pictures for us as a family, I was thrilled! She feels like a sister to me, and is an incredible photographer. Those two together?  Party.

We headed out to Fort Snelling, since neither of us had ever been and there was a promise of some good scenery. We were not disappointed.  The place is awesome. We're excited to  check it out in the summer where they have live reenactments. The fort is beautiful. And seeing Katie jump through heaps of snow just to get a good shot was a decent performance itself. She's serious about her photos. I'm in love with the results.

So thankful to you Katie for taking these pictures. I love them and your heart.

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