Off the Beaten Path :: Duluth Part II


After a day well spent on the north shore, we headed back towards Duluth. On the side of the road, somewhere between Point A and Point B, I got to capture some of my favorite pictures of these two.

We packed dinner to be more frugal (We decided this trip was going to cost us 50 bucks not counting gas.) and so we stopped on at a sort of overview with a picnic table for our sandwich dinner. We ate our swammies and I chucked blueberries at a seagull that kept creeping up to us. Ben put a stop to it after the 6th one.  He kept warning our car would be covered with seagulls if I didn't quit- which turned into a sort of running joke for the rest of the dinner time as one by one seagulls appeared. We laughed and breathed a little while Eowyn stole our snacks and jibber-jabbered.

There was a tiny path leading down to the shore, so we obviously took it. There we were isolated-all alone (despite every other place we went was filled with people) -and we just rested and played. Eowyn threw stones around her while Ben skipped rocks on Lake Superior. I hopped around taking pictures and squeezing ben's behind (f.t.w). We mostly just rested and flirted with the waves as our soundtrack and eowyn as our audience. She thought we were funny and I felt loved.  Those 40 minutes were perhaps my favorite part of the entire trip.

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