Happenings In September



...There's so much beauty that happens at summers close. Temps are cool enough for my two heat-abstainers to come outside with me on walks in the evenings. Ice cream happens a lot more as its the last hoorah before fall and the leaves are already starting to turn into their reds and vibrant colors.

...After the busy labor day weekend, we've ushered in a quiet couple of weeks. Visiting with friends occasionally, but overall resting. September has already been incredibly good to us. We yearly read a marriage book and we're well into our second week reading it. Its been good for us and we're finding ourselves finding ways to "go the second mile" which equals us feeling extra full of loving-kindness toward each other. I praise God for that man.

...Along that same note, I've been reading and hearing and seeing all these things that have been showing me where my preferences are.  The christian calling, as I'm coming to understand it,  boils down to 1) Prefer Jesus above all and 2) Prefer others. Its what our pastor calls 'simplex'. So simple, yet incredibly difficult and complex in its actuality. Getting to practice this in my friendships and especially marriage and parenting has been hard, but life-giving. Jesus does a good job of taking care of me when I give up trying to take care of myself above all else.

...So, the story of our little mini garden is as follows: In June we were given a ton of tomato and pepper plants. Said plants sat in their tiny canister for a couple of weeks. I bought pots for them finally, but not enough. I planted them overcrowded. As I grew in my knowledge,  I killed off some of the tomato plants to let the other ones use up the soil and hoped for the best.

Well last night I witnessed two beautiful things. 1) My husbands biceps during the classic trapeze act and 2) This little guy:


So while I see pictures of luxurious crops of tomatoes, I keep cheering my humble little buddy on. I'm pretty sure my garden produce will equate to two peppers and one tomato this summer. But if I double my efforts next year perhaps we may have enough for a feast or at least a spicy sandwich.

....With school resuming around us, I bought a notebook and began filling it. It has sort of become a sacred little book to me. It holds quotes, prayers, dreams, goals, you name it. Its been a treasured piece and has actually acted as a bit of a catch all. So many times I leave a paper trail of doodles and the like. Having it all in this little notebook has collected my thoughts and gives me fresh breath when I sit down and go through it. Nothing like looking at all your dreams and hopes and inspirational findings in one place.

...Incase you ever speculated if indeed our kid was a ham. I give you these picture as evidence.

These are 3 of 25 plus all with her being ridiculously silly. And that shirt was a gift from grandma when Eowyn was just a babe and it officially fits! I love it. Spraguelet.

...Speaking of that kid, We got ourselves an assisted walker. All she wants to do is hold on to my hands and walk around the place. She's cautious about tables and sofas, so she always is reaching for hands. But we got her down to only holding one hand and standing up by herself for a good 30 seconds. At first I didn't think she would be in the walking stage till the solid 18 months, due to the fact she didn't crawl till a week before one. But sure enough, she's figuring it out. It may be sooner than we thought. She collects sticks too, so thats presented some problems as she likes to gather as many as possible in one hand then run with my hand in the other. At least she's moved on from the eating leaves when I'm not looking.

...this lady made her first from scratch wild berry pie AND two loaves of bread in one week! I was going through this book (which is really actually quite handy to have around) and just up and decided it was gonna happen this month. We've been noshing on both this week and they taste amazing. I'm quite proud of myself.

Hoping the first weeks of september have been good to you and given you a hopeful heart like it has us.

Eowyn's squawking in her bedroom for me to come get her.

As always, thanks for reading.

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