The Portland Malt Shoppe :: Duluth Finale


Praise Jesus. The Portland Malt Shoppe is pure amazing.

After a long day skipping along North Shore, to end the evening we took the advice of a dear friend and found this place for malts. I expected a good malt. I didn't expect this. I can't tell you how awesome this place is.

 Ben and I while waiting in line decided on the classic chocolate malt-you can't go wrong that right? But soon we discovered you don't just choose a malt flavor,  you choose your own ice cream to go with it. And the flavors are exquisite -there is no plain-ol-chocolate ice cream. So, after much praying, (haha, just kidding.)  I chose Black Raspberry Truffle and Ben chose moose-tracks for our chocolate malts. Mind blown.

We were pleasantly pleased by the display (A cherry! A Wafer snack! Whip Cream!), the affordability and the deliciousness. Off we went on our drive home slurping our malts happy with 10 bucks left over and deliciousness in our belly.

What we didn't anticipate was reaching the bottom. There we discovered little moose tracks and truffles sitting ready to be eaten. Like a jillion of them. Portland Malt Shoppe, you are too kind to us.

If in heaven there is a malt shoppe, I imagine it would be something like that.

With a near perfect day end, we drove to get some gas for the way home. The station we went to was closed,  and then we ended up getting lost and landing in what seemed to be the 'bad part' of Duluth. After getting hit on with a baby on my hip and my husband standing by my side (bold move guy, bold move), the most nasty bathroom experience that left eowyn with full frontal dirty from crawling away from me and me feeling the need to wash my hands after washing my hands; I'd say we topped off a good night with some crazy stories. 

What more could you want from a mere 12 hour trip?

All in all Duluth, with your lake, your delicious food, and your breathtaking beauty, We gotta say-we like ya.

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